I’ve been kind of busy working on some of new projects for a few weeks, so perhaps I haven’t been paying enough attention to world events as I should have. Well, actually that must be true or I’d have a lot more posts here for April, because there’s plenty to worry about. And I don’t mean global warming, either, but some of the scariest things I’ve read since I heard Hillary Clinton was running for president:

Food shortages (even matzo shortages), food riots, and higher food prices. Perhaps this article isn’t enough to make you worry in detail, but OTOH it might be a good idea to dig up all those ideas people had when preparing for the great Y2K problem that never happened…

The Coming-Soon-to-a-Theater-of-War-Near-You Conflict with Islam. I’m not going to pretend I know all the answers when it comes to Muslims, Christianity, and Western culture, but Bill Warner, the interviewee of this piece, surely sounds like he does. It’s a very long article but you won’t notice that because, no matter how you feel about the subject, you’ll be shaken up when you read it.

And if that isn’t enough, now pundits are seeing the entire world at war — for centuries — over the effects of climate change.

Happy Earth Day.

OK, this makes me really mad.

First they invaded Tibet (admittedly, this was a while ago, but we dragons have long memories).

Then they accused the Dalai Lama of being a terrorist.

Now, in one of the most cynical ploys I’ve heard since Hillary Clinton claimed to be a New Yorker, they’ve pre-announced that Tibetans will be making suicide terrorist attacks.

Why is this cynical? Because now the Chinese government can kill as many Tibetans as it likes, and claim they all committed suicide. Or that they were about to commit suicide, so they were forced to shoot them in order to stop them. Or that the peaceful Tibetan Buddhist monks were stirring up the people and goading them to commit suicide, so that’s why China was forced to destroy all the Tibetan holy places.

Think I’m paranoid? Let’s just watch and find out. And while we’re waiting, please remember to boycott Chinese goods to show your displeasure.

AOL blogger Tommy Christopher writes:

There is a gathering consensus among political observers that Senator Hillary Clinton cannot win the Democratic Presidential nomination, and that she should step aside soon for the good of the party.

So far, so good. But then he says “In my view, Hillary Clinton’s most valuable contribution will be at Barack Obama’s side as his vice president” and goes on to make a reasonable case.

Unfortunately, this would be a disaster for the Democratic Party and the country. Here’s why.

Hillary is the new Antichrist. Democrats do not and cannot fathom just how deep the national hatred of Hillary goes, once outside the liberal enclaves they spend virtually all their time caring about. Her shenanigans during this campaign have not endeared her to her fellow Democrats, either. Putting her on the ticket at all will make many people run screaming from the exits, no matter how much they may look up to Obama.

Hiilary is not exactly a shrinking violet. Imagine a joint Obama/Clinton administration in action. Remember Hillary’s health care initiative when she had no official position beyond First Lady? Now imagine her meekly taking her cues from Obama. Ain’t gonna happen.

And that goes double for Bill. I can’t even visualize Bill Clinton acting properly as First Husband (or whatever they’d call it). He’d be impossible as Second Husband.

I hate to even bring this last one up, but it was someone else who recently said something about Hillary using the “Tonya Harding option” if she lost the nomination. Well…considering that list of dead bodies that history has attached to people who crossed the Clintons, do we really want to put Hillary Clinton a heartbeat away from the presidency? I hope to hell Barack is smart enough to know who he’s dealing with here.