When President Obama nominated Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, the usual suspects were all like “Wow! First woman Hispanic Hispanic female Latina woman from Puerto Rico!” and I was like “Cool, but what about Benjamin Cardozo?” Well, it turns out that ol’ Ben don’t qualify as Hispanic, as Lord Peter Wimsey might have said, because his antecedents were Portuguese, and that’s not Hispanic. However, it is Latino…and then again some people think that Cardozo’s family was originally Spanish, not Portuguese. But plenty of people wouldn’t count Cardozo as anything even remotely “Spanish” in origin, because he was Jewish, and hey, we’ve let lots of Jews onto the Supreme Court so now they’re no longer considered minorities any more.

So what’s the big deal about this stuff? Nothing! It’s just that some people get all excited about the “first this” and “first that” until the end result is that everyone is issuing press releases like the “first disabled lesbian Native American to be named CEO of a green renewable energy firm in the Midwest” or something. As far as I’m concerned, an announcement of this magnitude should be about someone’s qualifications and background, and all this minority rah-rah nonsense should be left for the last sentence in the last paragraph of the press release, if at all. But what do I know, I only spent 20 years as a journalist.

So what about her qualifications? Well, Judge Sotomayor is apparently a top-notch pick and more than just well qualified, having graduated summa cum laude from Princeton and having spent almost two decades as a respected Federal judge. No problem there. And I have nothing to say about any of her so-called “litmus test” beliefs — where people decide if they like a judge based on their “check the box” position on abortion, gun rights, free speech, death penalty, etc. — because apparently she hasn’t signaled one strong preference or another on these subjects in all this time. So that’s very good, because every case should be decided on its own merits, not as a rubber stamp based on a judge’s personal opinion.

My main concern with Judge Sotomayor is simply her reported viewpoint, given in a speech, that a “wise Latina woman” (sic), presumably herself, “would reach a better conclusion than a white male”.

Let’s pause here for a moment. Can you imagine any Supreme Court nominee in the last 25 years who wouldn’t have been totally demolished if they had said “a white male would reach a better conclusion than a [fill-in-the-blank minority]”? That sort of remark would be rightly considered as totally racist, and before anyone on either side of the aisle even considers confirming Judge Sotomayor, they ought to get a very clear answer from her on how she reconciles that kind of statement with her sworn duty to judge cases fairly…especially given her decision in Ricci v. DeStefano.

Well, I’m not sure how else to put it.

According to this article in the Jerusalem Post, Rahm Emanuel, who is Obama’s Chief of Staff, warned hundreds of top supporters of Israel that stopping Iran’s nuclear program is conditional upon Israel making “progress” in its “peace” negotiations with the “Palestinians”.

Essentially, Emanuel is using third-party nuclear blackmail, implying that if Israel doesn’t do more for the Gazans — you know, the people that all the Arab countries wring their hands over but want nothing to do with themselves — then Obama will sit back and let Iran blow up Tel Aviv with a nuclear weapon. Naturally, the Israelis will not let things go that far but will target Iran’s nuclear facilities themselves if necessary…at which point, Obama will join the chorus of pious denouncers of Israel’s “aggression”.

Politics may suck, but Rahm Emanuel sucks the worst.

AOL blogger Tommy Christopher writes:

There is a gathering consensus among political observers that Senator Hillary Clinton cannot win the Democratic Presidential nomination, and that she should step aside soon for the good of the party.

So far, so good. But then he says “In my view, Hillary Clinton’s most valuable contribution will be at Barack Obama’s side as his vice president” and goes on to make a reasonable case.

Unfortunately, this would be a disaster for the Democratic Party and the country. Here’s why.

Hillary is the new Antichrist. Democrats do not and cannot fathom just how deep the national hatred of Hillary goes, once outside the liberal enclaves they spend virtually all their time caring about. Her shenanigans during this campaign have not endeared her to her fellow Democrats, either. Putting her on the ticket at all will make many people run screaming from the exits, no matter how much they may look up to Obama.

Hiilary is not exactly a shrinking violet. Imagine a joint Obama/Clinton administration in action. Remember Hillary’s health care initiative when she had no official position beyond First Lady? Now imagine her meekly taking her cues from Obama. Ain’t gonna happen.

And that goes double for Bill. I can’t even visualize Bill Clinton acting properly as First Husband (or whatever they’d call it). He’d be impossible as Second Husband.

I hate to even bring this last one up, but it was someone else who recently said something about Hillary using the “Tonya Harding option” if she lost the nomination. Well…considering that list of dead bodies that history has attached to people who crossed the Clintons, do we really want to put Hillary Clinton a heartbeat away from the presidency? I hope to hell Barack is smart enough to know who he’s dealing with here.