I’ve been kind of busy working on some of new projects for a few weeks, so perhaps I haven’t been paying enough attention to world events as I should have. Well, actually that must be true or I’d have a lot more posts here for April, because there’s plenty to worry about. And I don’t mean global warming, either, but some of the scariest things I’ve read since I heard Hillary Clinton was running for president:

Food shortages (even matzo shortages), food riots, and higher food prices. Perhaps this article isn’t enough to make you worry in detail, but OTOH it might be a good idea to dig up all those ideas people had when preparing for the great Y2K problem that never happened…

The Coming-Soon-to-a-Theater-of-War-Near-You Conflict with Islam. I’m not going to pretend I know all the answers when it comes to Muslims, Christianity, and Western culture, but Bill Warner, the interviewee of this piece, surely sounds like he does. It’s a very long article but you won’t notice that because, no matter how you feel about the subject, you’ll be shaken up when you read it.

And if that isn’t enough, now pundits are seeing the entire world at war — for centuries — over the effects of climate change.

Happy Earth Day.