OK, let me see if I understand this properly.

Global warming, carbon emissions, environmental considerations, airplanes = guilt, yada-yada.

So now some company has come along with the biggest no-brainer in literally hundreds of years. Are you ready for this one?

Travel between islands in boats.

It sounds reasonable to me. Especially when those islands are the Hawaiian Islands, and for many recent years, the only way to travel between them was by airplane. Then a company comes along, invests several zillion dollars in a state-of-the-art ferry with all kinds of environmental features including waterjet propulsion (no propellers, so no gashes in marine mammals), so that people can finally go between islands with their own cars instead of having to rent them, and guess what?

A bunch of supposed “environmentalists” file suit to stop the thing, and hold protests.

I know, nothing should surprise me any more. But it does make me wonder if the airlines had anything to do with the lawsuits, or if the “environmentalists” are also members of the Flat Earth Society, or what.