KGB reportedly spent $2.6 million on their Super Bowl ad inviting people to use their service, but should have done some investment in their servers instead. According to our source with quite a bit of KGB experience (who will go unnamed), s/he only received two questions during the entire Super Bowl due to KGB servers being so overloaded that they turned off virtually all features of their site (including CSS) and begged people not to refresh their screens.

4 thoughts on “Massive KGB Fail For Super Bowl?

  1. lies. some of this is not true. No one “begged” anyone not to refresh, and I myself received way more that 2 questions.

  2. I, too, can confirm this! I only got 4-5 questions during the entire 2 hour time period. kgb_ massively failed. Customers were waiting upwards of 30 minutes for answers, when really it should take LESS than 5 to get an answer. It was a terrible night for kgb_.

  3. It’s pretty much the truth. I actually got about 15 questions during the two hours. which is a joke and a waste of time. The servers went down because they hired half the universe and had them all log in at 8pm, which is when the crash happened. The ad didn’t run until approx 8:45, so it wasn’t the traffic that caused the crash.

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