David (Dragon) Fiedler

I've been a computer industry consultant and author, a bicycle racer, mad scientist, a newsletter and magazine publisher and editor, a bicycle/motorcycle messenger, a freelance photographer, a software engineer, a musician, a video producer, an instrument-rated pilot (retired for the present), a dragon, and a daddy. Right now I'm a book publisher, audio consultant, freelance technical and copy editor, and photojournalism teacher for GATE students.

David on the bridge of the Enterprise I still do many of the above, often simultaneously (but not all simultaneously). I'm sometimes serious but always intense. I also taught and developed the first microcomputer class at the New School for Social Research, started the Unix newsletter Unique, was the founding editor of Unix Review magazine, co-authored a best-selling book on Unix System Administration, and was the first person to fly a quad-lined soft stunt kite at the lowest spot on Earth.

I've been a director and member of AirLifeLine, which flies medical mercy missions for people with special medical and economic needs. I'm also a proud alumnus of the Bronx High School of Science as are many of my old friends.

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