So thanks okay and then banks and bankers in the Wall Street Journal 1% at the stealing from the people of the world for years either by inflation body out and out fraud by currency manipulation by all kinds of measures and laws and loopholes and regulations designed to make themselves richer and they don’t care who they hurt because they think they’re entitled to everything as a result we have the inequality of a very tiny number of people holding a huge percentage of the wealth of the world and this has led to occupy Wall Street and all movements that just sprung out of people’s being just sick and tired of being treated this way and media which is obviously owned by the powers that be around the world by definition the media is quick to portray these people as APs professional agitators no goods in general criminals outcasts homeless mentally ill anything but the real truth that everyone is sick of them you don’t have to be mentally ill to see what’s going on but you have to be pretty fighting stupid to ignore it and that’s what they do by trying to manipulate our minds with the bread and circuses of the TV the Jersey shore that desperate housewives the so-called reality shows the the football of extravaganzas whether it’s American football with the insane have times of the Super Bowl where if they had God coming he would be probably third in the lineup or the insane rivalries of European soccer where you have people killed en masse in to regularly in riots and who in his time and so on yet we have the occasional movie shooting button they regularly outdo us whose problem mass deaths at soccer games so it’s a case of culture know maybe some cultures just toxic not movies per se something about those beliefs look at Batman Batman yet it was a comic book but it was supposed to be a comic book it started off as a comic book and the TV show in the 60s was a comic book but then they decided oh we want to have more and more and more and you had the blizzard 1987 Batman weeks of Jack Nicholson as the Joker who was very very disturbing fellow and you have the so-called reboot with the dark Knight series which got far more disturbing far more violent far more sickening and where does it stop where is the glorification of Gulf Islands and it has nothing to do with guns or knives or pencils per se it’s just violence it’s mindless sickening bloody violence and there’s a certain mentally defective kind of person that likes this sort of thing and those people should be watched and put away if they are seen to be dangerous but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be governed by their actions when a madman kills people with a gun and a legislator says will this means we have to get rid of guns that means that the madman is driving the legislation do we really want crazy people writing our legislation do we want the actions of lunatics governing what we do if one person puts a common issue everybody has to take their shoes off one of the next person puts a bomb up the mess hall are we going to have to spread our cheeks for TSA to get on an airplane